Get Ready for The Game Fair: What to Wear from Dubarry
Get Ready for The Game Fair: What to Wear from Dubarry

Get Ready for The Game Fair: What to Wear from Dubarry

By  Lydia  -  24 Jun 2024

Every year, The Game Fair presents a fabulous opportunity to celebrate British field sports and country life, drawing in over 120,000 people and showcasing more than 650 exhibitors. If you're gearing up for this year's event, you'll want to put your best foot forward in the fashion department. Dubarry, equal with quality and style, offers a range of attire that perfectly balances practicality and sophistication.


For Ladies

The key to nailing your Game Fair look is to be both stylish and comfortable. With 450 acres to explore, you'll want to ensure your outfit can keep up with the day's activities.


Start with a versatile shirt or blouse like our Chammonlie shirt for a classic yet practical base, and then consider layering with a coat or gilet that can adapt to the ever-changing British weather. Pair these with your favourite jeans, trousers, shorts, or skirt, and top it off with a pair of sturdy and stylish boots like our Roundstones or iconic Galways. Don't forget to accessorize to add a personal touch to your outfit, like our Fedora. And, of course, be prepared for all weather conditions with a fashionable waterproof coat or jacket such as our Lakeside.


If the sun is due to shine and the weather is warm, women have a plethora of outfit options that seamlessly blend comfort and style. Consider slipping into a pair of our deck shoes, including the stylish and versatile Florence and Aruba styles, to ensure that spending the day on your feet remains a comfortable and enjoyable experience. For an effortless but stylish look, our collection of cotton garments, such as the Glenside sweatshirt and Peterswell sweater, is the perfect choice for staying cool while exploring outdoor events.



For Men

Men attending The Game Fair can channel a timeless, yet practical country style with a few key pieces. Embrace classic British heritage with wax jackets, gilets, and flat caps in earthy tones. Layering is essential, so start with a well-fitted shirt as a base and add a lightweight sweater, such as our Spencer for versatility. Top off your ensemble with a tailored jacket or blazer that is both weather-resistant and stylish. As for footwear, opt for sturdy yet stylish choices such as our iconic Galway that will provide support and complement your outfit.


If the weather is due to be warm, men attending The Game Fair can opt for comfortable and breathable outfit options to stay cool while exploring the event. Pairing our deck shoes, such as the Port and Admiral, with lightweight cottons like the Goresbridge rugby top and Moorings polo shirt will ensure both style and comfort, especially when spending the day on your feet. These choices provide the perfect balance of practicality and sophistication, allowing you to enjoy the event while staying cool and comfortable in warmer temperatures.



The Game Fair at Blenheim offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your love for British countryside traditions through your attire. Whether you're vying for the title of best-dressed at the fair or simply aiming to exude an air of refined elegance, Dubarry has you covered. So, put on your chosen attire with confidence and get ready to immerse yourself in this exceptional event celebrating the best of British country life.


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