A wide image of a woman wearing a Mountrath Wax Jacket in a forest in an autumnal setting with brown leaves littering the floor.
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Mountrath Coat Review From Outdoor & Country

By  Emily Perks   Outdoor & Country  -  06 Oct 2023

With the cold weather setting in, I was very lucky to be able to review one of the core winter products from Dubarry of Ireland – the Women’s Dubarry Mountrath Wax Jacket. After some very wet days, I finally woke up to a frosty weekend, the perfect weather for trying the jacket. With my partner, my Cocker Spaniel puppy, and a tennis ball, we headed to Barlaston Downs in Staffordshire for a countryside stroll.


Testing My Dubarry Wax Jacket

Immediately obvious to me, considering the outside temperatures of 2°C, was the warmth of the jacket. Dubarry state Primaloft insulation as the leading feature of their waxed jackets, and it’s for good reason. The Mountrath really keeps heat in, giving you the feeling of wearing an extra thermal layer. At the same time, the lining does not make the jacket bulky or heavy. The PrimaLoft insulation mimics down feathers, trapping body heat while maintaining a light weight.


When handling this jacket, you can instantly feel the high quality of the materials. The waxed cotton feels luxurious, while the soft inner collar adds a touch of cosiness. I think this makes the jacket feel even warmer. It’s one of my favourite little details of the jacket, and is the perfect finishing touch. The smart leather trims on the pockets and other areas are also really lovely luxurious touches.

On the left is a midshot of a woman wearing a Mountrath Wax Jacket in a forest in an autumnal setting, with brown leaves on the ground and bare trees in the background. On the right is a close-up of the Dubarry broga logo embossed in gold.


The Mountrath jacket has two external pockets and one internal pocket, which is more than enough for dog walking. In fact, one of the best things about this jacket is that the interior lining of the front pockets is not waxed cotton. With other wax jackets, I’ve been unable to take photos using my phone after storing it in an external pocket, due to the waxy residue that transfers to the lens. I was very pleased to discover that this does not happen with the Dubarry wax. However, the wax exterior does transfer onto leather, so I’m glad I took the jacket off before getting into my boyfriend’s car!

On the left is a dark brown cocker spaniel running with a ball in his mouth across some autumn leaves. On the right is a woman wearing a Dubarry Mountrath Wax Jacket in Java, green pants, and Dubarry Galway Country Boots in Walnut, with a dog looking up at her in an autumnal setting in a forest.

The Perfect Fit

One of the most important aspects of any piece of clothing is how well it fits. I got the Mountrath in my usual size 12 and was happy to find that I could wear a reasonably thick jumper underneath and still fasten the jacket and move around comfortably. The gently tailored shape of women’s Dubarry jackets also adds to the comfortable fit, as it pulls in at the waist enough to be flattering, without feeling too tight or restrictive. Therefore I could comfortably stroll along throwing a ball for my puppy with full ease of movement. I was however slightly disappointed that I didn’t have an excuse for my terrible throwing!


When it comes to styling, I’m confident I could wear this jacket for many different occasions. I’ve paired it with multiple casual outfits when I’ve gone for a walk, gone shopping, or just to the local pub, and it has complemented all of them. I particularly love the colour of the jacket! The Java colourway is a lovely warm reddish-brown, an earthy and natural tone which is very easy to match. Of course, it looks especially smart when combined with my trusty Dubarry Galway Boots!

On the left is a midshot of a woman wearing a Dubarry Wax Jacket in a dark brown color, with lawns and forestry behind her during autumn or winter. On the right is a landscape shot of an autumnal setting in a park with some bare trees and brown and red leaves on the ground, with some people walking in the distance.


In summary, the Dubarry Mountrath Wax Jacket is perfect for cold weather walks, or equally for casual every day wear. It is a true celebration of premium materials and craftsmanship, as well as Dubarry’s reputation. This investment piece sings with quality, and I can tell it is going to last for years to come. In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to buy the Dubarry Carrickfergus Wax for my boyfriend’s birthday!

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