Wide image of Two men pouring champagne at the Dubarry stand at the Game Fair in 2023. Both men are wearing grey and green tweed jackets; one is wearing a green tie, while the other wears a red tie.
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The Game Fair At Ragley Hall

By  Matthew Crowe  -  06 Oct 2023

The Game Fair 2023 did not disappoint. From glorious sunshine on Friday to dampening downpours on the Sunday, it was a fair weathered event. Luckily our guests were equipped with their Dubarry Boots, so were ready for anything that was thrown their way.

Unveiling Exciting New Additions at the Game Fair

This year at the Game fair we proudly introduced new clothing and footwear styles to our collection.


The Roundstone Country boot, the Glengarriff walking boot, and a new colour-way of our Strokestown hiking boot. We also felt the Game fair was the perfect opportunity to introduce our new women's leather jacket, The Clarke.


The new Roundstone country boot. A beautifully crafted waterproof leather country boot with all the classic Dubarry features. The Game fair was the perfect event to showcase our new boot, which was proving extremely popular amongst customers.

The brown Roundstone leather waterproof and breathable boot is walking through a stream with rocks at the bottom and some vegetation in the background.

A new Country Boot and a new colour-way

Along with the Roundstone, we also welcomed two new pairs of walking boots; the Glengarrif waterproof walking boot, and a new colour-way of our beloved Strokestown hiking boot in Mahogany. All three can now be found live on our website, under our Country boots section.

Split image of a woman wearing the Clarke Leather Jacket. On the left, there is a close-up of the woman tipping her hat, and a close-up of the leather jacket, showcasing its details. On the right, there is a midshot of the woman feeling the furry collar of the leather jacket, with a Land Rover and an old house in the background.

The Dubarry Stand

The Dubarry stand was jam packed, from boots and bubbles, to coats and deck shoes and even our four legged friends! Our customers, like always, were greeted with a smile and a glass of champagne to enjoy whilst shopping, whilst our iconic man-in-the-bucket put a pair of boots to the test.

Split image of friends of Dubarry at the Dubarry stand at the Game Fair 2023. The left image features two women, one of whom is Bonnie Baker. Both women are wearing Dubarry boots, and one is wearing a Dubarry belt. On the right, there is a man and a woman, both wearing Dubarry Galway Country Boots in Walnut. The woman is also wearing a Dubarry Allendale leather gilet.

We hope to see you next year!

We hope you can join us at Burghley Horse trials from 31st August-3rd September, but if not, we will see you all again at the Game Fair next year, that will be taking place at Blenheim Palace.

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