Wide image of Bonnie Baker in a tweed jacket dress and sunglasses at the Game Fair event in Ragley Hall.
© Bonnie Baker

The Game Fair By Bonnie Baker

By  Bonnie Baker   @bybonniebaker  -  11 Oct 2023

Wearing a product pre-launch inevitably brings feelings of excitement, even more so when the product in question has the quality craftsmanship and exceptional detailing associated with a heritage brand. I was therefore delighted to work alongside Dubarry for this year’s Game Fair, a highly anticipated annual event in the countryside calendar, to champion their range of quality clothing that stand the test of time.

The Game Fair: Celebrating 65 Years of Rural Tradition

In its 65th year, The Game Fair was held in the picturesque grounds of Ragley Hall and with the weather on our side (for the most part) it saw a record number of visitors. Known as ‘the festival of the countryside’ The Game Fair has become popular with those who already live and breathe rural traditions, while attracting those who are keen to discover what the countryside has to offer. With a vast array of rural exhibitions, all in honour of maintaining our countryside heritage, it’s wonderful to see an event so well attended.


Styling the Betony tweed jacket in it’s new colourway, Heath, ahead of the Dubarry Autumn Winter 23 collection launch was very exciting. The Betony embodies a modern take on the classic tweed jacket, with its feminine tailored fit and utilitarian pockets, it wouldn’t look out of place in both town and country settings alike.

: Split image of Bonnie Baker. The left side features a midshot of Bonnie wrapped in a dark green tweed jacket, wearing a belt and dress at the Dubarry of Ireland stand at the Game Fair 2023. The right image is a full shot of Bonnie Baker, donned in a dark green tweed jacket, dress, belt, and Galway Country Boots.

Get Ready With Me: Game Fair Edition

With a varying weather forecast, I opted for my Galway boots, which even after 10 years remain a go to of mine for their timeless styling and reliable practicality. Pairing these of course with my favourite Alpaca boot socks for ultimate comfort.


For accessories I wanted to keep things simple to let the Betony jacket do all the talking and my goodness did I discover a stunning product, that I believe has gone under the radar for far too long… the Archway belt. Made from 100% leather with beautiful antique brass hardware and subtle branding, the price point is exceptional for this level of craftsmanship. I wore the Archway in tan suede to tonally complimented the chestnut detailing of the Betony jacket.

Split image of Bonnie Baker. The left features a midshot of Bonnie wearing a dark green tweed jacket, dress, belt, and sunglasses, looking at the ground, with an old house and greenery in the background. On the right, there is a midshot of Bonnie turned to the right of the camera, looking down to the ground, wearing a Dubarry Betony Tweed Utility Jacket in Heath, along with a dress, belt, and sunglasses. In the background, there is an old house, trees, a lawn, and a fence.

The Betony Seamless Transition from Smart to Weather-Ready

For the most part I wore the Betony over my shoulders, feeling smart and effortlessly elegant from the tailored shape. But when the weather turned and drizzle began, I slipped it on properly and stayed dry thanks to the Teflon coated premium Scottish wool the tweed is woven from.


I’m looking forward to styling the Betony for cooler weather, most likely pairing with a cashmere rollneck or silk blouse if going out for the evening. The Betony is an exceptional addition to the Dubarry tweed line up, making for the ultimate transitional jacket taking you from late Summer to Autumn Winter.

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