Accessories Size Guides

To help you find the right fit, we’ve created this helpful standardised Size Guide.

European United Kingdom
Small 35-39 3-5
Medium 40-43 6-9
Large 44-48 10-13
Womens Mens
Small 19 cms 7.5 ins 21 cms 8.25 ins
Medium 20 cms 7.75 ins 22 cms 8.75 ins
Large 21 cms 8.25 ins 23 cms 9 ins
Extra Large N/A N/A 24 cms 9.5 ins
Small 55 cms 6.75 ins 6.625 ins
Medium 57 cms 7 ins 7.25 ins
Large 59 cms 7.25 ins 7.375 ins
Extra Large 61 cms 7.5 ins 7.625 ins
Dubarry Half Chap Measurement Guide
Calf Width Height
Small/S (Short) 14 ins 35.5 cms 17.5 ins 44.5 cms
Medium/S (Short) 15 ins 38 cms 17.5 ins 44.5 cms
Medium/R (Regular) 15 ins 38 cms 18.5 ins 47 cms
Medium/T (Tall) 15 ins 38 cms 19.5 ins 49.5 cms
Large/R (Regular) 16 ins 40.5 cms 18.5 ins 47 cms
X-Large/R (Regular) 17 ins 43 cms 18.5 ins 47 cms

How to measure

Find out how to measure for gloves and headwear below and compare with the table above to ensure you purchase the best fit.

Measuring for Gloves
The following instructions applies to both men and women.

Step 1: Measure the hand width circumference, as shown in the diagram, with a tape measure.

Step 2: Use the dominant hand (your right hand if you are right handed; your left hand if you are left handed).

Step 3: If you are in between sizes then round down to the nearest half or whole number - this will be your glove size.

Measuring for Headwear
The following instructions applies to both men and women.

Step 1: Place a measuring tape around your head at mid-forehead and just above your ears.

Step 2: Measure in centimetres and check your size on the chart.

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