Country Performance Boots Care Guide

Dubarry's Country Boots are made with GORE-TEX® technology which makes the boots both water resistant and breathable. But all leather needs special care and attention. With the right treatment, the leather will remain beautifully supple and maintain it's shape as well as functionally. Follow the step-by-step care guide.

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Step 1: Cleaning your boots

Remove any mud, manure and salt water with clean cold water using a brush to get rid of more stubborn grime.

Apply Dubarry Footwear Cleaner all over, including any fabric sections, and work-in, brushing vigorously until it lathers.

Rinse well with water and allow to dry naturally for 24 hours before any further treatment.

Step 2: Conditioning your boots

Apply Dubarry Leather Conditioner all over with a clean cloth/sponge or soft brush, paying particular attention to the flex area of the foot.

It may take several layers of application depending on the condition of your footwear.

Clean off any excess fluid and allow to dry for 2-3 hours before next treatments.

Step 3: Protecting your boots

Spray Dubarry Footwear Protector all over your footwear, applying several layers, allowing absorption of each layer before applying the next.

Applying Dubarry Footwear Protector restores the water repellency of the leather.

This step is best completed outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Step 4: Prolonging the life of your boots

For footwear that gets plenty of outdoor use we recommend that you use our Dubarry Leather Cream.

HOWEVER this is for use on smooth/pull-up leathers ONLY. DO NOT USE ON SUEDE OR NUBUCK. Apply sparingly with a soft cloth or brush paying particular attention to the flex area that bends as you walk.

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