How to style a Tweed Skirt for Summer
How to style a Tweed Skirt for Summer

How to style a Tweed Skirt for Summer

By  Lydia  -  11 Jun 2024

Styling a tweed skirt for summer can be a fun and versatile way to incorporate this classic fabric into your warm-weather wardrobe. Here are some stylish ways to wear a tweed skirt during the summer months:

Country Show Chic

For a day at the country show, you can create a stylish and practical look by pairing your tweed skirt with a classic pair of Galway boots. Opt for a lightweight blouse and our fedora hat to complete the ensemble. This look is both fashionable and functional, perfect for a day spent outdoors.

Summer Racing Elegance:

Attending a summer racing event calls for a sophisticated and elegant outfit. Pair your tweed skirt with a stylish pair of Downpatrick shoes and a light linen shirt for a timeless and polished look. Accessorise with a statement clutch bag like our Millymount to add a touch of glamour to your ensemble.


Smart Dinner Ensemble

For a smart dinner or evening event, elevate your tweed skirt with a more formal pairing. Consider wearing your skirt with a pair of Brays and a tweed waistcoat for a refined and elegant look.

The Best Dubarry Tweed Skirt

When it comes to choosing the best Dubarry tweed skirt for these styling options, Blossom is undoubtedly a great choice. Its timeless design and high-quality fabric make it a versatile piece that can be styled in various ways throughout the summer season. Whether you're attending outdoor events or evening gatherings, the Blossom tweed skirt offers endless possibilities for creating stylish and elegant ensembles.


Incorporating a tweed skirt into your summer wardrobe allows for a mix of classic elegance and modern style. With the right pairings and accessories, you can create a range of fashionable and suitable looks for various summer occasions. Whether it's a day at the country show, a summer racing event, or a smart dinner, a tweed skirt can be a stylish and sophisticated choice for the warm-weather months.

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